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Get Beautified By Shawnae presents - WAXING 101

When dealing with Hard Wax, there are not any strips involved. The warm wax is applied to the hair, adheres and dries into its own strip. Waxing thins out the hair by removing it from the root, making the hair grow back slower than just trimming or shaving.

What To Expect: A quick pull of the strip and firm pressure afterwards to help relieve the sting of the hair being pulled from the root.


Prep: Throw that razor away! Begin using an all natural scrub to exfoliate twice a week. Moisture daily with a hydrating lotion or oil. Do not use any lotions, oils, or deodorants the DAY OF waxing to ensure the wax can adhere to the hair correctly. Take an Advil or something similar for inflammation and pain relief 30-45 minutes before appointment if you have a low pain tolerance. Otherwise, for more natural wax, a numbing spray can be applied ahead of service. AVOID CAFFEINE!


After Care: For 24 hours AVOID excessive exposure to bacteria, sweat and abrasive products. Do not exfoliate for 3 days after waxing to allow time for the pores to close up and desensitize. Make sure to moisturize daily with a paraben free, alcohol free product. Highly recommended is anything containing Aloe Vera, Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado or Coconut Oil. After  days, begin exfoliating two times a week. You may use a body scrub or clean washcloth/loofa to ruffle up the hairs so they are not laying flat to the skin’s surface.


Results: Typically waxing results last one month or more. As a beginner, you must train the hair by being routine with your wax services (About every three to five weeks depending on amount of hair & speed of growth). This is important so that the hair is able to be removed at the same stage every time, aiding in the slowing of the stages of hair growth.

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