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How long should my hair be, for me to have a good waxing experience?
The ideal length is about ¼ inch so the wax can grab hair (and not your skin), although as long as it's at least the length of a grain of rice, you should be all set! This usually equates to 1-3 weeks for facial waxes, and 2-4 weeks for bikini area.

How long does it last before pubic hair starts to grow back after a Bikini or Brazilian wax?
Typically it takes pubic hair anywhere from 2-4 weeks to grow back.  Luckily, for the average person it grows back softer and not as thick or coarse. Although everyone is different so results will vary.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my wax?
Actually there are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment and make your wax a tad more comfortable. You might consider taking Advil or Aleve at least 45 minutes prior to your appointment, to decrease discomfort.  If you have an exfoliant, it is recommended that you exfoliate the area 3x weekly prior to your appointment, but not within 48hrs of your appointment. Exfoliating the area enables the skin to break free from the hair, allowing for a cleaner, close wax. It is also helpful if you arrive on time to ensure we have plenty of time to care for your hairs' needs. Newly introduced, you may add on the enhancement extension option of the Gi-Gi numbing spray at $5 if you are having more than one service done. (Please arrive early for best results adding on numbing spray.)

What’s the difference between a bikini line wax, full bikini wax and brazilian wax?
Bikini Line: Basically a clean up of the vaginal area. I wax the sides (panty line-sides between vagina and inner thigh) and across the top. The intended result of a bikini line wax is to prevent side hairs from being visible if you're wearing a bikini.
Full Bikini: Includes the sides (bikini line) and as little or as much hair that you'd like to take off the front of the vagina. You have the option to remove all the hair, leave a small strip (landing strip), a triangle, a square...basically anything you want - even a heart, lol!
Brazilian: Is a combination of the full bikini process and includes the butt strip. Essentially it's a front to back waxing.

What ingredients are best to look for when buying product to moisturize dry/dehydrated skin?
Aloe vera, water and hylauronic acid

How long will my services take?
For one facial waxing service. allow 5-15 minutes. For two or more facial waxing services, allow approx. 30 minutes. For large areas of the body allow 20-60 minutes. Anytime you are having more than one service done it will take approx 20 minutes minimum. Brazilians are usually 10-20 minutes depending on how course or long the hair is. For facials, allow 10-15 extra minutes on top of the facial option you choose for skin consultation and paperwork.

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