My name is Shawnae!  I know a little tricky to pronounce so let me help you out.  "Shaw-nay".  Otherwise, if it is easier, you may call me "Nae" as my close friends and family do. I am a Licensed Esthetician looking to provide you with all your Facial, Waxing, Wrap & Makeup needs to make you feel beautiful inside and out!  


I have been a licensed Esthetician since 2011 and pride myself in giving each and every client the most EXCELLENT service possible! I am fortunate to have a career that I love and to be my own boss. I find joy in being able to help someone feel beautiful and confident, while providing them with knowledge about skin care, specific to them and their skin type. I enjoy teaching people about the benefits of using It Works in their daily lifestyle as well. Feel free to browse around my site and contact me with any questions you may have.

"Beauty is my life!  From calming facials to confidence boosting waxes, I look forward to providing you with a great experience!"

- Shawnae

How Get Beautified Got Started

Often times, when I see a client for the first time, they have come to me through a referral or via online searches and it is not their first time being waxed.  Over the years, I’ve been told numerous stories from these clients regarding painful waxing experiences involving hot temperatures resulting in skin removal, stressful neck breaking facials or horrible customer service.  After several years of hearing the same horrific stories, I took it upon myself to provide an experience that any client would enjoy and be satisfied with.

I pride myself in providing the best service experience possible, in a relaxing and stress free environment.  So whether you’re nervous because of a bad past experience or scared because this if your first time, rest assured – you’re in good hands!  Your comfort and satisfaction are my number one priority and I will do everything I can to put you at ease and ensure you have an enjoyable appointment.

I thank you deeply for your support and interest in Get Beautified By Shawnae!


For Face & Body Waxing, I use only top of the line products. Currently waxing services are done, using Berodin Hard Wax. Berodin is the best wax available, because it is gentle yet so effective that my clients will definitely notice the difference.  Hard wax is applied thicker than soft wax and removed without strips. Unlike soft wax, hard wax does not stick to the skin, which makes it less irritating and perfect for face, underarms, bikini and brazilian waxing needs. 

The stripless wax is formulated with revolutionary polymers for flexibility, which allow me to apply the wax in multiple sections without the fear of breaking.  The creamy texture makes it less brittle and sticky than traditional waxes. Heated at a low temperature to minimize irritation, the wax adheres firmly to fine and coarse hair without sticking to skin. Ingredients:  Rosin, Beeswax, Lanolin

For Facial Services, I use Tu'el skincare!  Tu'el has been the industry leader for over 30 years and has lead the way in promoting skin care and healthy living. They embrace clean living, nutrition, an active lifestyle and believe in a holistic approach to caring for your skin.

What's amazing about the line is the cleansing oils can not be duplicated by another company due to the fact they are so unique!  The cleansing oils bond with the dead skin, sebaceous oils and environmental debris to remove them from your skins surface. By using this two step cleansing system in your facial treatment, it's impossible not to feel a difference in your skin once ONE treatment is complete!

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